Jump Studios

The Engine Group

For The Engine Group’s London headquarters, the challenge was to create a working environment that accommodates the practices of twelve individual companies whilst communicating the vision and ambition of The Engine Group as a whole.

Our approach was to create a vertical ‘spine’ linking the ground floor with the top (fifth) floor, containing various meeting opportunities. This represents the shared space for meetings but also where individual companies come together to share learning. These areas have a distinct design language – the Engine ‘DNA’. A wide variety of meeting spaces are offered up, including mini auditoriums, cork rooms for pinning up work, and spaces that can be adapted for multi-use.

The general working areas are arranged around the spine and are deliberately left monochromatic to allow each individual company to customise their space to reflect their own identity and culture.

Our role: lead architect / concept design / detailed design / technical drawing packages / tender appraisal / management of construction phases