Jump Studios

HB Reavis

Jump Studios has championed wellbeing in the design of a new, boutique coworking space targeted at City professionals.

Located just off London Bridge and within the City of London, Jump Studios has designed the 7th Floor at 33 Central for the more discerning professional. There’s a lot more to it than just the convenience of a well-situated coworking space — this project for HB Reavis aimed to create a higher-quality environment and an elevated coworking experience that keeps people coming back time after time.

Equipped with the latest business technology and infrastructure, the intuitive layout allows people to plug in, sit down and start work effortlessly.

Designed through a user’s lens, Jump Studios has created a flexible, functional and inspirational space dedicated to enhancing capabilities and improving well-being.

Members are greeted at the Welcome Hall with its dedicated coffee bar that can play host to one-on-one meetings or larger social events.

Sustainable finishes are used throughout, and the furniture, which can be reconfigured to create an arrangement that suits the needs of individual users, has been made from high-quality natural materials.

Everyone has access to bespoke seating, breakout areas, the library and storage spaces, as well as a self-contained kitchen and open, semi-private and private meeting areas. Distinct lighting design in each zone gives individuals the freedom to tailor the ambience of each space.

In this new era of flexible working, employees are demanding more than just better spaces and facilities. They want fresh air and natural light, provision for healthy choices, a greater want and need to create a sense of community in their place of work, along with a deeper commitment towards sustainability. On the 7th Floor at 33 Central, they get all these important things and more.