Jump Studios

The 02

Nearly 10 years after the Populous-designed venue first opened, AEG wanted to reinvigorate the fan experience and extend and enhance the food and beverage offer, with the aim of delivering more choice and opportunity for every visitor, and encouraging more dwell time within the space.

Jump Studios’ response to the client brief was to create a design that forms a flexible, tangible link between fans and the products available at each event.

Drawing upon insights into changing consumption habits, the idea has been to populate the concourse with a series of interlinked open bars and kitchens, each designed with the flexibility to accommodate a varying menu, borrowing from the theatre of street food kitchens and the energy and vibrancy of urban clubs and bars.

The aim has been to encourage movement through the concourse, with visitors engaged with more meaningful and relevant hospitality experiences, allowing the concourse to shift from a transitory journey to an experiential and entertainment space.