Jump Studios

World-Leading Financial Services Company

Jump Studios undertook this project in collaboration with Boston-based Sasaki to reinvent the workplace experience for employees of a globally-renowned financial services company.


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, this workplace is home to 400 employees across two floors and 50,000 square feet.

The client brief was to transform the existing call centre environment by radically and holistically re-imagining the workplace experience. In response, Jump Studios has developed a space that provides meaning and fulfilment to staff, many of whom are in search of a workday that feels purposeful and about which they feel passionate. The key driver for the project was to provide employees with an experience that offers a balance between working, learning, living, and playing.

The scheme provides a range of space types to meet the needs of various personalities, offering employees a choice of where and how they concentrate, collaborate, and contemplate to build a sense of community.

The design solution is centred around the three core concepts. Much like the structure of a city, these are streets for circulation, destinations that attract users, and neighbourhoods that create a sense of community.

The street has been created by wrapping the building’s core functions with a combination of amenities such as micro-kitchens, lockers, and booths for working, meeting or relaxing. By positioning these in an easily accessible location, movement is promoted, and social interaction is enabled.

Destinations are created by consolidating spaces into collaboration hubs that are shared between teams. Each hub is unique and houses a range of space types and sizes, from private to semi-private collaboration rooms, formal to informal breakout areas, games rooms and quiet rooms for decompression, as well as standing booths for single users to stretch their legs while working.

Neighbourhoods fill the space between the collaboration hubs. Consisting of a family of objects, the workstations in these areas are configured to provide variety across the floor. Moments of pause between desks are offered in the form of bespoke bench seating and plants integrated into the furniture pieces. The workstations, in combination with hot-desk technology, allow people to work at any desk, moving between areas and interacting with colleagues from across the business.