Jump Studios


Too many retailers slavishly try to reflect the culture of young people; witness the plethora of over-urbanised spaces, exposed brick, distressed leather sofas and graffiti.  All taking itself a little too seriously.

Given the culture of Offspring has always been a drive to innovate and a passion for the product, our inspiration for the design came from a need to reflect this culture, rather than slavishly following trends.

Our approach was to create a highly charged technologic landscape where nature is encapsulated in a technological playground of grass imbedded benches, cast resin trees snaking through the space and where the product is displayed on a swathe of polycarbonate ‘blades’ lining the perimeters of the shop.  To change the pace where the product moves from footwear to apparel, we have created a system based on the language of an Air fix kit, with product replacing the model itself.