Jump Studios

A stand for the fashion fair Bread & Butter in Barcelona.

A stand for the fashion fair Bread & Butter in Barcelona in 2006.  Jump Studios was asked to maintain the overall creative platform of ‘The Night’ but create something antithetical to the previous design.  The brief was –  ‘Extremes And Everything In-Between’. This was to tap into particular product stories; with the blackest of black washes to the whitest of white jeans.

The inspiration came from the Pantone reference cards where a colour range is demonstrated from one end of the spectrum to the other. The colours of the Night were chosen; from the luminous white of the moon through to the blackest of blues for the deep, dark night sky. Rather than create the secretive, discovered spaces of the previous stand, here we created 360 open views of the stand from the centrally located bar, itself circular and lit,  symbolizing the moon, with the product stories radiating out from this element on laser precise strips of colour.