Jump Studios


This entire scheme includes one main workspace, a library, a boardroom, a games room and a canteen; all located within an existing office building in Windsor, split between one modern extension and one listed heritage wing.

We decided that we wanted to invert the existing layout (cellular offices at the windows, workstations in the middle) and place all the office’s main functions in the centre, within one key structure that we called the spinal hub. The spine is the backbone of the office containing all its hardware.

All of the workstations are positioned around the spine and are split into four main open-plan zones housing the account handling, creative, digital media and studio departments.

Within the listed part of the building we created a library and boardroom with the feel of a private members’ club, working with the heritage of the building rather than against it. The library features a copper-tiled bar, bespoke buttoned furniture and a mixture of vintage pieces and design classics.

More informal areas, including a games room, massage room and canteen – complete with red picnic benches and a blackboard wall – are situated on the next floor.

Our role: lead architect / concept design / design development / technical drawing packages / management of construction phases