Jump Studios


Continuing its long-standing relationship with Google, Jump Studios has placed food at the heart of its design for the tech giant’s Tel Aviv office.

Jump Studios’ relationship with Google Tel Aviv spans more than a decade. It started with the practice designing four floors of office space for one of Google’s acquisition, Waze, which then led to a project to design the masterplan for Google’s 45-storey building in central Tel Aviv.

Within this building, Jump Studios has designed a central hub, set across six floors , which places food at the heart of the Google experience, with three dedicated floors for dining, two floors for working and one floor for mingling, as well as highly-flexible presentation spaces for learning.

The central themes underpinning the design concept of the scheme are dynamism, escapism and sanctuary, inspired by the experience of living and working in Israel, expressing an identity specific the local community.

The three restaurant floors are divided to suit the dietary choices of the Jewish community: dairy- kosher, meat-kosher, and non-kosher, each floor with their own design character.

Zones of low, medium, and high density were provided to accommodate different moods and a range of seating typologies, included booths, banquette, and canteen-style, catered to both formal and informal meeting and dinning opportunities.

As the floors dedicated to working and learning are visited by external clients, the design allowed for these to be more public on one half, and meeting rooms were used as a buffer to the private work area on the other. A staircase on the public side of the space connects a ‘heads-down’ quiet lounge and doubles up as a large, focused working area, as well as a location for informal meetings. In the workspace, the building core has been enveloped with VC booths, huddle spaces, and refreshment areas whilst keeping the workstations close to the façade to take in the magnificent views and sunlight of Tel Aviv.