Jump Studios

Google Madrid Torre Picasso

The Google Madrid project comprises the fit out of two floors in one of Madrid’s most iconic high rise buildings – Torre Picasso.

Working with the concept of a timber arched core element – a reference to the spatial and material qualities of traditional Spanish architecture – the scheme has greatly improved the efficiency of the floorplate and created a highly characteristic ambiance that is relaxed and sophisticated at the same time.

The office space now boast a higher degree of flexibility and functionality, fulfilling the aspirations of the client who wanted a unique and friendly workspace with local charecter.

The lower of the two adjacent floors occupied by Google houses the main reception, lecture theatre, canteen and a multi-functional area with fully equipped kitchen catering the entire office. On the upper level can be found the main working space as well as more extensive breakout spaces with room for games, additional informal presentation areas, shower facilities, a massage room and recuperative hammocks. The overall layout and arrangements of particular spaces has been carefully considered and developed to suit the working style of the company in general.

The project was delivered in five separate phases, allowing the offices to remain open and functional throughout, requiring a high level of collaboration between the architectural, engineering and contracting teams.