Jump Studios

Following a recent re-branding marketing communications Engine was hoping to imbue their existing reception space with a new spirit captured in their slogan ‘Engine loves change’ as well as creating more space on the previously unoccupied ground floor of their building.

Inspired by the amount of research data that planners and strategists of the group’s ten individual companies have to deal with on a daily basis and fascinated by different graphical representations of those streams of data, Jump Studios devised an ever changing installation of multi- colored Perspex boxes animated by randomly pulsating LED lights behind. They have been slotted into an existing pigeon hole wall which had been built as part of the first fit-out making the whole installation straight forward and providing flexibility for future change.

In response to the brief and to further animate the wall, Jump Studios also designed a series of special units such as two LCD screens which display news feeds, a series of magazine displays and a special light box featuring the Engine logo all of which are integrated in the wall and sit alongside the colored and back lit boxes.

Whilst the LED wall is the main feature and focal point of the reception both the reception desk and the seating in the holding area were replaced as well.
Two circular seating clusters offer seating space for up to eight people each. They have been kept simple in terms of color and shape in order to harmonize with the multicolored wall behind.

The second challenge Jump Studios were faced with was the conversation of a 640m2 retail space adjacent to the ground floor reception into an additional office space and a new suite of meeting rooms for workshops and seminars. Labelled as the ‘Innovation Labs,’ these spaces are designed to offer alternatives to the more traditional meeting rooms on the upper floors. They have been conceived as rooms for workshops, brainstorming sessions, seminars and presentations and offer different ways of working, communicating and presenting to each other.