Jump Studios

Jump Studios defines sustainable post-pandemic workplace for leading electronics brand Worten

March 13, 2023

Jump Studios has completed the interior design of a 6,000-sq-m office space that prioritises sustainability, wellness and connectivity to redefine the workplace experience for the 1,200-strong workforce of Worten, Portugal’s leading consumer electronics company.

The design provides a state-of-the-art new workplace exemplifying the transformation that many organisations are undertaking in post-pandemic working practices.

In response to the client’s brief to prioritise wellness, communication and socialising in the design, Jump Studios, a Populous company, has centred its design around flexible workspaces and communal amenities.

In contrast to the company’s previous office, which saw many of its staff working in single-desk cubicles, the new workspace prioritises connected and hybrid working, with provision of bookable hot-desking areas, as well as the inclusion of individual booths and meeting rooms alongside communal workspaces, relaxation and decompression spaces, a restaurant, and several cafés.

Clearly-defined zones have been created to separate areas with high levels of traffic – such as those for greeting clients and mixing – and those for concentration or contemplation.

The office floorplate spans two building wings joined on each level by a connecting bridge, which Jump Studios has utilised to bring an abundance of natural light to key areas. On level 4, the bridge space is occupied by a 50+ capacity boardroom with stunning views across Lisbon; on level 5, there are breakout spaces and a gaming lounge; on level 6, a winding garden with seating and planting meanders between the two buildings; and Level 7 provides an open garden terrace with a bar for entertaining.

Lisbon is a city built upon the social values of communality and gathering together. Jump Studios has brought these values to the forefront of the project through the provision of a restaurant and terrace, which is open not only for employees but for clients and the family and friends of staff to eat, drink and socialise. The top-floor penthouse is set back from the building perimeter, creating a crowning auditorium designed to be used as a flexible presentation space. Bespoke modular furniture elements can be built up into auditorium seating or broken down to create a layout for workshops, allowing the space to be used as required.

The employee journey is enhanced by technology, through the MyWorten app, for booking desks, lockers and meeting spaces, parcel delivery notifications, access to the building and lifts, and reserving meals at the restaurant – eliminating physical cards and paper. The latest video call facilities equipped with facial recognition and noise cancellation provide for optimum collaboration.

Sustainability has been at the heart of the project, and to minimise its carbon footprint, each material was carefully assessed to determine its availability locally and the carbon emissions associated with its manufacturing before being deployed within the scheme. Solar panels have been mounted on the top of the building, and integrated AI software that measures the interior and exterior conditions and controls lighting, humidity and air quality within the space has been installed. This means that spaces are automatically dimmed within the office if there isn’t anybody occupying that area. The project is LEED and WELL certified.

Shaun Fernandes, Jump Studios founder and Senior Principal, said: “The world has changed, people have changed, brands have changed. Our design for Worten has responded to the brand’s desire to change its working culture from a more traditional style to one that is designed for future resiliency. We know that a happier, better-connected workforce is a more productive workforce, and so by prioritising staff wellbeing by creating spaces that actively bring people together, we have delivered a workplace that benefits both the employer and employee. Projects like this can only be successful when the client is absolutely committed to its vision, and that is certainly true of Worten. I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve together.”

Mário Costa, Head of Store Concept and Sustainability at Worten, said: “Our partnership with Jump Studios has been crucial in the success of this project to create a more sustainable and meaningful workspace for our staff. We are in the process of conducting employee satisfaction surveys, and the preliminary results show an incredibly positive response – our staff like the look and feel of the space, the different possibilities for ways of working, the acoustics, the food and drink options, the view, the building – it has been a huge upgrade. Many employees have been showing the space to their families. We’ve also seen an uptick in the number of applications we’re receiving to open positions, as well as in improvement in talent retention. We’re finding that many people are coming into the office on days when they have the option to work remotely. We’re incredibly pleased with what Jump Studios have delivered.”