The Juice Well
Juice Bar, Soho

  • The Juice Well is a new premium cold-pressed juice bar, the first of which recently opened on Peter St in Soho.

    A joint venture between Joe Cross (of 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead' fame), and restauranteur Will Ricker (the man behind E&O and La Bodega Negra amongst others), The Juice Well is here to provide' liquid sunshine' all year round - to harness the power of Mother Nature by flooding yourself with nutrients, so you feel amazing.

    Will Ricker, a self-confessed sugar addict discovered he was diabetic and, having witnessed both Joe's results and his wife's constant super-food smoothie-ing to battle her autoimmune disease, jumped on the juicing super-food bandwagon.

    Our ambition was to convey the crafted and hand made approach of the produce, inspired by the maker movement of which The Juice Well is a part. We wanted the space to clearly articulate the values inherent in the promise of the brand and to enlighten and enrich people to the benefits of juicing. The space is designed to express the quality and carefully crafted nature of the produce, combining a utilitarian but rich, honest and natural palate of materials.

    The project was introduced to Jump Studios by Exposure, who developed the graphic identity.