Ministry of Sound

  • Landmark London nightclub Ministry of Sound’s existing balcony-level VIP area has been totally reconstructed by Jump Studios to increase capacity while creating a more premium environment.

    Tiered timber booths provide stronger visual connections with neighbouring The Box – the club’s main space – and 103 bar area. The resulting design brings VIPs visually much closer to the DJ and nearer to the action.

    The ceiling above the VIP was raised and fitted with geometric acoustic panels which not only dampen the sound to allow private conversations but also provide a strong architectural presence. As a result, the VIP area could be kept as open as possible to there rest of the club while minimising noise levels for guests.

    The booths are underlit, appearing to float above the dark timber floor, while the backlit bar was envisaged as a jewel box fabricated from glass and stainless steel. The perimeter of the VIP area is finished in simple glazed white tiles.

    Meanwhile, the main ladies’ toilets at the venue were relocated, offering expanded facilities. The brief from Ministry of Sound was to make them ‘the best toilets in London’.

    A former refuse area within a railway arch has been transformed into a cathedral-like space. Vibrant pink cubicle doors contrast with the grey waterproof lining fixed to the underside of the arch. A central spine of sinks and a lobby beauty area complete the dramatic space. The result is as much a social space as a functional area, creating a distinct ladies-only room for the club.