Pitti Immagine

  • Our role: concept design / detailed design / technical drawing packages / management of construction phases

    Commissioned by Levi Strauss Europe, we were tasked with creating a narrative-led space that bought to life the brand idea of 'craftsmanship'. Our concept was inspired by the home of crafted clothes – the couture atelier. Here, typically you will find one large table around which the garment-makers work, with their beautiful pieces hanging above the table, wrapped in tissue paper.

    We took these visual cues and created a space that evokes a sense of a craft-centred fashion studio. The antique table becomes the central feature, with jeans wrapped in tissue paper, lit, and hanging above the table as an extruded chandelier. The product itself is concealed in drawers, thus adding a more personalised and elevated ritual around how the product is presented.

    The perimeter of the room is clad in mirrors – the desired aim to abstract the physical space, in response to the paradox of the two premium Levi's brands: Levi's Vintage Collection and Red. LVC focusses on the heritage and history of the company, whilst Red is the 'lab' where Levi's look to the future with new cuts and engineering.