• Our role: lead design / concept design / design development / detailed design / technical drawing packages / management of construction & fabrication phases

    To celebrate Levi Strauss' 150th anniversary, we proposed an exhibition that celebrated the journey Strauss himself made, emigrating from Bavaria in Germany to New York and then San Francisco in the USA. All the people he met on this journey helped to give birth to the company and product we know today. The fact that the exhibition was held in a disused railway station in Berlin added further conceptual relevance.

    We proposed a track running through the space to act as a timeline, around which the story unfolds. Rather than product-related stories, we unearthed cultural stories and myths around the brand, all told on notional billboards by the trackside.

    The product itself was housed within purpose-built box cars, deliberately weathered on the outside, yet the interior treated in such a way as to create a magical and transformative experience once visitors crossed the threshold.